Rainbow Star Coaching

Eight weeks of 1-1 coaching incorporating intuitive healing and hypno coaching, along with hypnotherapy and other inutive healing techniques depending on whats needed. Great for breaking down issues & gaining clarity on life. Also great for your spiritual development & helping along your ascension pathway. Tailored either way to your needs. Please contact me before you pay for your free consultation. (Please note this is ONLINE coaching over skype, zoom or another form of video chat).

Rainbow Star Coaching

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  • More information can be found on The Rainbow Star Coaching page

  • This is a package worth approx £650 at least! ... with all that goes into it, if you were do pay for this as you went along it would be £55 a session plus the extra work envolved. So the deal you get is great value!  The payment is required at the start because I need you to be totally commited to the work, if you are not fully commited to put the work in then nothing will change fopr you. You WILL get a lot from it if you put the work in, just like everything in life, for this reason this is not refundable. However, you have a free consultation first before you pay to make sure you are happy to work with me and I with you :-) so please contact me for this before you pay.

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