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Well I am still getting to grips with the settings on this blog section of the website, but have discovered I can create sections. I have therefore created a section for channellings.

I have avoided slightly, feeling uneasy about publishing my channellings, but since the lockdown situation came along, I have been told by 'The Elders' to do it, and, have since also had three signs. So I now include just some of the short channellings I have had with dates I got them on.

5th July 2019

When you walk through the veil of life, it often seems like there are no sign posts that can take you to the place you wish to go, but on deeper reflection into the consciousness of time within the space you are in, you will in fact see very clear instructions and usually a pattern of which you will recognise as something that makes sense to you in the moment of NOW.

People are generally reluctant to look at these patterns, as they conclude they are just a coincidence of natural events, but you see, there are never coincidences, and that is what people sometimes cannot fully understand, simply of course because they cannot see the bigger picture of everlasting life as energy and space.

When we begin to shift perspective of the catylistic moments that have presented themselves to us we begin to realise the infinite wisdom of all we are and have ever been within the cosmos of all time, space and dimension of which we are all one.

We do not mean to say that there is no way of progressing without this perspective, but merely to point out that the shift of consciousness into this perspective, is one which will serve you to perform the life miracles you never thought possible, or obtainable in your life.

The wisdom is within you all, of course some carry certain codes others do not have, but there is nothing that is not assessable to ANY human being, although the ease of obtaining this will be different from one to another, but nothing is impossible, ever, another word that does not deserve a reference in your vocabulary is the word impossible which states that there is no outcome to intention, there is always outcome to intention, again it is dependent on ones perception of the outcome, but always there will be outcome, nothing is impossible.

Over the course of time man has become more obsessed with outcomes, and perception has become a mere mirror of one’s self, with all the data of time entwinned. Life was never meant to be this way, but the timeline that we have lived by brings about deep patterns of data within the ancestral lines, which retrospectively do not actually exist, except in the minds of the human consciousness.

I ask about the spiritual/lightworker, empire/movement- the frenzy of the many differing opinions, methods that seem to be surfacing now.

Yes people are scrambling, when I say scrambling I mean like a radio waves do, its exactly like that, messed up data, and like a scrambled radio wave we can get interference, interference for consciousness is like getting stuck and not begun heard and this is why clearing the line is so important, making it clear so it does not get scrambled, it gets scrambled because we hear all the waves at once, we are hearing the worlds and timelines of many at once and this causes confusion within the awakened sector of consciousness, like a wave that bounces around trying to settle into a calm clear wave, this is what is occurring in the collective consciousness now, and within that collective, there are layers of waves, we are not all on the same one, it is confusing for many as they try to find the correct channel.

I ask about people’s reality being solely their own.

Yes indeed this is correct to a point, remember there are different waves, within a wave are many and so during this very time you must be finding your tribe and coming together, this will form the rainbow trajectory for this new age.

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