The Changes are NOW. And a message from Archangel Metatron.

Updated: Jan 12

We are living in a major time period in the history of the earth, and right now it’s about to get a bit rocky before it gets better.

Many people have of course known this for many years, and for others, perhaps not so long. Then there are of course some people who are only just waking up to this knowledge now. For some people though, they are not awake in any form and so are confused, in fear and see the world as a mess that is doomed. The Coronavirus and other illnesses, including mental health are on the rise, weather patterns, climate change, state of the world politics, wars and terrorists and the lies from people in charge of us have all put fear and despair into people.

However, there are now literally thousands upon thousands of people around the world now who are awake to the energetic changes in the vibration of the planet, who understand our bodies are changing along with the energy of everything else, and that number is growing daily and gaining great momentum!

We are all in different places of understanding, but at the same time we are coming together in groups, groups are forming everywhere, and this is a good thing.

However, even within the groups there are divides of opinions. There are, if you like, gaps, where people have not quite come together, because there is still some confusion on what is fact, what is real or not, for instance the differing opinion on climate change, is it the fault of humanity? or to do with the Sun cycle?... There are also many conspiracy theories out there, which ones are correct? And which ones are put out to throw us off track on purpose by those who have been in control and are now falling?… so I guess what I’m saying is although we are coming together we are at the same time splitting within the coming together.

I for one am not concerned about these differing of opinions within groups, it is all part of the process and people will change from one day to the next as we continue to be shaken until we settle with within our own world, the one we are creating for ourselves. The timelines are shifting, we are jumping around right now, like a radio wave trying to tune into the correct frequency, we will begin to tune in and settle eventually on the right timeline for us, we will come together with the ones who share that with us and this creates a very much more powerful light frequency that effects those others around us. When people come together in unity it creates immense power, which harnesses and anchors the changes the planet is undergoing.

Now is the time to stop competing with other people and stop the judgments. Instead, see people who you can not agree with or feel perfectly at ease with as being an essential necessary part of YOU, if they are there, showing up in your life, then they are part of your journey, part of you and who you are, necessary for your growth and essentially you to theirs., having said this, you will probably find as you grow and expand in consciousness that the people who you don't vibe with will disappear. from your life.

We must come together in love and respect, no matter what our differing opinions are, and it is so good to see this happening all round the world. Eventually there will be no divides because there will be nothing to divide anyone anymore.

So let’s be kind to everyone, no matter where they are at on their journey, and no matter who they are. Let’s remember always that no one is better than anyone else and no matter what our opinions are we are all on this journey together, we all chose to incarnate during this time of change and we must love and support each other and do our bit for change.

Please don’t let the fear of the Coronavirus and other things that are happening get into your soul and cast it's shadow over you, your light is needed!!! When we are acting, thinking , speaking and feeling all from our heart, then we are powerful and protected. What you ‘believe’ will become your future, you have the opportunity to shape it with your thoughts and feeling, so allow them to be good ones, positive ones.

Last year I had a channelling from Archangel Metatron to put into my Angelic Reiki manuals and below I have copied an extract from it, that sums up what I believe the next 3-4 years will be like, as the wave has now hit the shore. If this resonates with you, please leave a comment if you like, I'd love to hear from you :-)

“ ……As one energy evolves so too does another and another like a wave building into a tsunami and it is this time you find yourselves in now, the time of the tsunami the period where the wave is now hitting shore and all that there was and all that you know and understand is now being pulled out to sea and tossed back in, you do not know where it will settle, who will survive, or how things will now look or be, but know this, that just like the ocean of water that cleanses, so too do these energy waves, they too will pull you out like a wave and toss aside what’s not needed in the world, and it may look a terrible mess when the wave has resided and the water has settled, it may look frightening to you as the wave engulfs you dragging you out and knocking you off your feet, but what no longer belongs will be gone and after the chaos has subsided it will be calm, you will look around and realise that everything has changed, it will not only look different but it will feel different and you will see what an incredible journey it has been, you will see the love and commitment of souls who led the way, of people coming together with compassion for each other as they work hard to build new foundations for a future world built of love and of much more light”.

Archangel Metatron

Channelled by

(c) Lyra Phoenix

24/09/19 - All Rights Reserved

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