Past Life/Mult-Dimensional Regression

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Past Lives, the subject of near death experiences, and in-between life experiences, are of course fascinating subjects. We are naturally curious to know who we once were, so that we can understand a bit more about who we are now, what we are capable of, why we struggle with certain things or even have out of control fears.

Very often we may have a 'feeling, a bit of an obsession maybe, with a certain era, time, or a place for instance. We may have had dreams that seemed like a memory, or for some, even experienced flash backs of past lives  within meditations.

These things can be enough to spark our interest and initiate a search for more information.

Another reason you may come to explore your higher consciousness, is a life long feeling you have had throughout life, of not feeling like you belong here. 

It's a common theme for some. Feeling you don't fit into this world, like your misplaced, want to go home, or simply don't understand this world.



If that's the case? you've come to the right place! ...

I have conducted some very interesting Past Life Regressions, and along with the knowledge and abilities I have, you can be assured your in good hands. 

I have regressed people who have regressed to off planet lives, different dimensions & life in-between lives as energy. Some have channelled from source or other beings, and I am perfectly comfortable with this, as it is an area of interest to me and one which I have a good understanding of. I also welcome AA & SSP experiencers!

A past life regression can turn into a healing where sometimes Soul part retrieval, attachment release, the breaking of vows, decrees, oaths we made, or even the breaking of incantations made upon us are released and broken.  

The realisation of karmic repeating patterns from past lives can help us understand the why to certain behaviours and patterns we run, so that we can heal and transform it.

or we may discover the reason we have fear or phobia.

We can also make better sense of certain relationships in our life now, by understanding who we were together before and what happened.

There are plenty of ways healing can take place during a regression. The uncovering of, and the knowledge of knowing and feeling that we actually are an eternal energy, and the experience when we feel that loving all encompassing energy we go to when we leave our body in the in-between dimension, is healing alone.

  • A regression will usually take approx 2 hrs of your time here, although they can go on longer, therefore unless you stipulate that you only want a 2 hr session, we will take it to it's natural length, which could be more.  It's my experience that a regression naturally becomes very obvious where to end. 

  • My suggestion is unless you only want a 2 hr appointment then book manually with me, so that if it goes over the 2 hrs I can charge accordingly. It's advisable to be open to that, as 2 hrs includes time before & after to explain and to discuss after, and although this sounds a long time, it goes very quickly when you are in regression. Or, you can book a 2hr plus session, and I can alter your booking length online before charging your card, unless your paying cash.

  • Your session will be recorded so that you can listen back to it whenever you wish.

  • Most regressions will be quite straight forward, especially if you have come out of curiosity, but sometimes there can be issues that may arise, where by, active therapy can take place there and then in the regression. For information about how PLR can be therapeutic and initiate healing see my blog by clicking here: 'How Past Life Regression therapy can initiate healing'.


  • In some cases you may feel afterwards that you need an explanation of what you have just experienced, and I can certainly help you gain a better understanding of it, as well as explain what research so far has shown. However, what you chose to believe and feel comfortable with being the truth for you, is ultimately your choice, as it's your journey! and you are the explorer of your own life. I am to facilitate and show one aspect and perspective. 


  • Over the years, since I was very young, I have had a deep interest in reincarnation, or shall we say thats what I called it when I was a teenager (and actually come to think of it, at five years old too!) but now that interest has grown into a much bigger understanding of our universal energy and consciousness which I love exploring  and teaching about. 

  •  I have read books, studied the secrets and mysteries of Qabalah and the tree of life, Astrology, healing techniques and modalities, channelling, and met many interesting people with tales to tell along life's path before I finally came to hypnotherapy and past life regression.

  • I am therefore, very comfortable and well equipped with various energetic techniques like soul retrieval and dealing with incantations, and I have an understanding of multi dimensional layers, life in-between lives, other dimensions, parallel universes etc, although there are different perspectives on these things and research is always ongoing, we are learning all the time, as am I.​ I have a particular interest in AA & SSP experiencers, so you are welcome!

  • I have an ongoing interest in a particular area of Past Life Regressions and find people with similar experiences are drawn to me, I am hoping to uncover more about this one day, so if you have been drawn to me there maybe a reason for it!  ... there is a book coming one day in the future somewhere!