My life long interest in multi-dimensions, mysteries and the esoteric concepts of the meaning of life and the universe finally led me to become a hypnotherapist specialising in Past Life Regression.

At the age of five I understood that I had been reincarnated and asked my Mother about it. At 14 I was channelling, at 18 I was healing and attending a circle, and in my twenties, I attended Maa't mystery school in Portsmouth where I learnt about the mysteries of Qabalah, as well as training as an Astrologist and learning about Tarot Reading.

I read many books about life between lives and the mystery surrounding life and death. 

I never lost my connection to source throughout life, however, I didn't actively work again within these fields until after bringing up my children.

I now find myself  once again deeply connected to source, and those aspects who carry the codes of time and space, the angels, masters, and galactic consciousness if you like, but in reality they are as I say, 'aspects,' of you, me and the one true source of all that is.

My Job, my mission and purpose now is to connect YOU to that which you search for, to pass on the codes that will reawaken the memories within you, that will connect you to the highest aspects of your soul and spirit so that you are able to connect to the one true sovereign consciousness that resides in us all.

© 2018 Paula Luxford - Transmuting your Journey

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